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Dust Control that is non-toxic and not harmful.

The Ultimate Dust Control Solution


Dustex, our premier dust control product, has been developed specifically for road stablisation and dust control applications. Dustex is a unique binder which offers the following benefits:

> A dust control solution that is compostible and biologically friendly
> A dust control solution that prevents wind erosion
> A dust control solution that reduces road-water usage by up to 90%
> A dust control solution that significantly reduces maintenance costs
> A dust control solution that increases the load bearing capacity of existing road materials

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Dustex carries no environmental «baggage». This lignosulphonate based product is derived from a renewable and sustainable resource, plantation timber, and has absolutely no effect on flora or fauna when applied to roads and other dusty surfaces. Rather, Dustex is an environmentally beneficial product, reducing dust exposure for humans and animals and eliminating dust coverage of roadside foliage.

Dustex the dust control solution that is non-toxic and not harmful for humans or animals.

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