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Dustex is the key to Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Facts

DUSTEX is one of Borregaard LignoTech’s lignosulphonate products. DUSTEX is an organic, non-toxic sand and soil stabiliser with the properties required of a good binder to prevent wind erosion. The powder is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and binds the water in the ground. These characteristics makes good dust suppression.

DUSTEX is an excellent binder for most types of minerals and humus materials. It acts as a binder and glues the particles together. When used in a top layer this becomes so stiff that individual particle movement is eliminated creating excellent dust suppression.

Dust Suppression Prevents Erosion

A DUSTEX-bounded surface is hard and presents resistance against winds up to gale force. The use of DUSTEX as a binder reduces unpleasant dust and disturbing sand blast making Dustex a key product when combatting dust suppression. When the DUSTEX solution is sucked into the top layer it makes an effective adhesive bond between the sand particles and a hard crust is formed when the surface dries. Wet sand resists very high wind velocities, but dry sand swifts readily at a wind velocity of 2 – 3 m/s. According to our tests a DUSTEX treatment of 0,05-0, 15kg/m2 is sufficient for dry sand surfaces to withstand wind velocities up to 40 m/s.

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