Dust Control

Instant Dust Suppression

The simplest form of dust control consists of a direct application of Dustex solution onto an unprepared surface. This “instant” or spray-on dust suppression method is used to treat:
  • Batters
  • Construction sites
  • Earthworks
  • Quarries
  • Open areas and virtually anywhere the incidence of health-threatening dust inhibits safe and efficient operations. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve a dust-free environment and is more effective than multiple applications of water.
The product may be added to a water cart and applied as a diluted solution under pressure through spray nozzles, although it may also be applied under gravity with equipment as simple as a hose. A water cart equipped with a pump and spray bar is ideal.
Dustex is readily water-soluble and when sprayed directly onto an unprepared surface will consolidate the soil to form a well- bonded crusty layer.

The durability of the treatment is determined by the strength of the Dustex mixture, the evenness of application, the depth of penetration into the soil and the properties of the material being treated.

The application method is simple. Dilute the Dustex solution to the required concentration and spray the surface of the target area at the recommended rate of 1–1.5 litres per square metre.

There are many variables which may influence this procedure and the rate of application and strength of the Dustex mixture should be adjusted to suit.

For protection against wind erosion the minimum recommended thickness of the treated surface layer is 3-5mm and for protection against wind erosion and moderate dynamic loads, 10-15mm. A Dustex treatment will keep sand surfaces stable against winds of 140kph.