Site Rehabilitation

Site Rehabilitation and Erosion Control

Dustex is an organic, non-toxic sand and soil stabiliser which, when applied to the broadacre, binds surface particles, arrests soil erosion, controls dust and facilitates plant regeneration.

A lignosulphonate liquid concentrate, Dustex is readily water-soluble and when sprayed directly onto the surface at recommended rates will consolidate the soil particles to form a bonded crusty layer, trapping the sub-surface moisture.

The improved water economy assists seed germination and, with the product’s natural nutritive components, promotes the establishment of vigorous young plants.

Dustex is hygroscopic. Moisture drawn from the atmosphere increases the plasticity of the treated surface which allows normal growth of new vegetation.

The durability of the treatment is determined by the strength of the Dustex mixture, the evenness of application and the depth of penetration into the soil. For protection against wind erosion the minimum recommended thickness of the treated surface layer is 3-5mm, and for protection against wind erosion and moderate dynamic loads, 10-15mm.

  • Application Procedure:
    Dustex is best applied as an aqueous solution under pressure through spray nozzles, although it may also be applied with equipment as simple as a hose.

    1. If practicable water the surface of the target area.
    2. Apply Dustex solution at the recommended rate of one litre per square metre. There are many variables which may influence this procedure and the rate of application and the strength of the Dustex solution should be adjusted to suit. Dustex applications will keep dry sand surfaces stable against wind velocities up to 140 kilometres per hour.
  • Application Rate:
    One litre per square metre.
  • Solution Strength:
    On surfaces not subject to general traffic, a Dustex application of 120 – 170 ml per square metre will consolidate most types of mineral and humus materials for up to six months.


  • Assists revegetation
  • Controls dust
  • Arrests erosion
  • Increases sub-surface moisture retention
  • Nutritive components facilitate rapid growth